Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Our mission is to inspire and empower young students to make them realize

their latent talents and potential.”

» – Shri.Rajagopalan M.K, Chancellor of SBV

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To function as the central coordination unit involved in planning, facilitating, and monitoring Quality Assurance and Enhancement along with the Vision and Mission of SBV and work towards excellence in Health Professions education, patient care, and research.

Our Objective

The general objective of the IQAC is to promote a quality assurance culture within SBV. The specific objectives are to:

  • Institutionalize the quality assurance culture to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution in accordance with national QA guidelines &institutionalization best practices.
  • Develop, maintain, and enhance the quality of education and people’s perception in favor of SBV through consistent quality assurance practice and performance by each and every team member of SBV.
  • Build the image of SBV with the confidence of the stakeholders ensuring transparency, accountability, and good practices in all aspects of management. 
  • Prepare the SBV to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements.


  • To facilitate innovative strategic and action plans to achieve these goals to their expected standards.
  • To set the goals and benchmarks in all facets of academics, administration, research, and patient care.
  • To deploy, constantly monitor, as well as catalyze the process of the attainment of benchmarks, through internal and external Academic and Administrative Audits. 
  • To obtain feedback from the stakeholders to assess the impact of the quality initiatives in education and in the educational environment.
  • To appreciate and acknowledge such quality ambassadors of SBV who achieve their targets.
  • To be receptive to internal and external changes and be proactive in change management; thus, escalating the scales of benchmark to the next level of excellence.
A Word

From Our Director

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Prof. Carounanidy Usha

Quality Policy

“To pursue a global standard of excellence in all our endeavors in Health Professions Education, Research, Patient Care and Continuing education; to remain accountable in our core and supports function through continuous improvements in all domains, for the development of the Society and the Nation.”

Composition of IQAC

The Structure of Internal Quality Assurance Cell.

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International accreditation course on Kinanthropometry

Department of Physiology in association with International society for the advancement of Kinanthropometry conducted an international accreditation course on Kinanthropometry from 27th January to 30th January 2020. There were 23 registrations for the course which...

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